Last month I found out on about a Stand Up Comedy class offered through the Tempe Center for the Arts. After completing the beginners class, I can safely recommend this class to anybody I care about.

I don’t think Tony, the instructor, knows this, but he is one of the best motivational speakers I’ve ever seen. Not only is he a great comedian but also an outstanding mentor and coach.

In class, you will do drills and partner work to help you develop the acting aspects of stand up. You will also learn the formula to write a bullet proof joke, with tag included. Through his teachings, he will empower you to become a sketch writer and a stand up comic. He’ll help you find the comedian within you.

Classes start every month. For more information visit Tony’s website (link updated on January 2015).

Note: I’m not affiliated to Tony’s Comedy School or Tempe Center for the Arts. I’m sharing this because this is worth sharing