I strongly belief most skills (if not all) can be learned with practice and with patience. Good mentorship is highly encouraged to kick-start the learning process. However, there is times when one should venture oneself to figure things out on one’s own.

For example, I recently taught myself the basics of juggling three balls. I figured out on my own that first I had to start with one ball, then two, then three. I also realized I had to train both hands to do the following:

  1. Throw the ball and make it follow the same path consistently, and
  2. Catch the ball even when I’m not watching.

To train my hands I had to come up with numerous drills; some of them involved closing my eyes. After a few hours of pracice I was juggling three balls for up to 7 seconds. Then I decided it was time to see how others did it, so I did research on Wikipedia and YouTube. Now my technique is stronger, and I can do it comfortably.

Thanks to the countless instructional YouTube videos, I learned that there are many different ways to juggle three balls. Now, I shall take my juggling to the next level.